Mommy & Me Fitness Fun

Mommy & Me Fitness Fun

We are pleased to feature guest blogger Stacey Jernigan. Find out more about her Mommy and Me Fitness classes on her website and on Facebook

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Being a Mom can truly be energy zapping! Our little ones, while being such true bundles of absolute joy, are also in constant need of our love, attention, and entertainment, which can feel quite exhausting for us Mommies! Our kiddos feel such a sense of closeness to us when we spend quality time with them. One great way to spend quality time together, while tackling keeping your littles entertained, as well as keeping your own energy tank filled, is exercising together.

Nothing is more entertaining to toddlers than their Mommies working hard to hold a plank, thereby providing the perfect tunnel and bridge for them to crawl over and under, and even attempt to sit on! When we exercise with our mini-me’s, we are planting wonderful little seeds inside their heads, of how important exercise is. From a young age, they will be on the path to developing good fitness habits and making exercise a priority in their lives. They will be encouraged to make carving out time to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle a normal and vital part of their lives. In addition to learning how to make health and fitness a priority, they will also learn how to have fun staying active! So often as adults, we feel that exercise is a chore or just one more task to check off our long to do list, and we forget to focus on how our energy level and mood will actually increase after a little physical fitness! Additionally, making fitness fun with your little will help your whole family learn to enjoy and look forward to exercise.

Get creative with getting in some exercise with your little ones! Squat in between each little push you give them on the swing. Hold a plank while reading your toddler his favorite book or singing your baby her favorite song. Be silly and walk around the floor like a crab, or hop around the yard like a bunny, and have your kiddos join in the fitness fun with you! If you need more ideas for incorporating your kiddos into exercise, or if you need more accountability to help you achieve your fitness goals, or even if you’re just looking to meet new Mom friends, join a Mommy and Me Fitness class! Mommy and Me Time offers a Homewood Stroller Bootcamp class, which is perfect for all Moms! Moms with babies enjoy this type of class, as they are able to ease their way back into working out post-baby, while baby stays safe and content in the stroller during class, and baby loves coming out of the stroller toward the end of class for the core work and stretching! Moms with kiddos over stroller-age enjoy the classes, as they are able to encourage their little ones to join in the fitness fun with them. Watching a 2 year old squat, and a 4 year old attempt a push-up definitely makes doing squats and push-ups as adults much for fun and enjoyable!

mommy and me fitness2If you’re interested in joining Mommy and Me Stroller Bootcamp, or if you’re looking to get in some exercise in your neighborhood and are on the hunt for a new stroller, check out the Citi Mini GT that Swaddle carries.
It’s front swivel wheel and front wheel suspension make for a smooth, easy ride for baby as Mommy navigates her way through her walking lunges and short interval jogs working her way to staying a fit Mommy.

For those Mommies with multiples or with an infant and a toddler, the double stroller would be a perfect fit. 
These strollers are super easy to fold up and load into the car, making it quick and easy to load up after a great kiddo-friendly workout.
Swaddle also has some great baby carriers for those Mommies preferring to wear their babies during their workout!

Whether you’re 6 weeks or 6 years post-partum, we encourage you to start now with finding fun ways to work fitness into your day with your little one! If you can’t make it to a 45 minute Mommy and Me class, just aim for a quick 15-20 min brisk walk, and toss a couple squats and maybe a few mountain climbers in there along the way, and you’ll feel both more energized and more relaxed after, and definitely more prepared to handle all the Mommy duties that call your name throughout each day!