Liquid Gold: A new way to easily store and preserve breast milk

Liquid Gold: A new way to easily store and preserve breast milk

The decision to breastfeed is definitely a personal one. It provides great nutritional benefits for your child but the process by which you collect and store that liquid gold can be quite the time consuming. With the busy pace a mom keeps, anything that can help cut down the time spent on tasks is a lifesaver! Therefore, we would like to introduce you to Twist, a new feeding system that does just that.

The Twist is a Universal Direct Pump breastmilk collection, storage and feeding system!

When we first heard of this revolutionary new system, we of course said to ourselves, “Why didn’t WE think of that?” It’s brilliant, really.
Included in the the set (which retails for a very reasonable $42.00) are Direct-Pump adapters and storage pouches that twist-lock onto pumps from ALL major brands for leak-free, transfer-free pumping directly into the pouch. Right now I’m sure you’re thinking, “What’s so revolutionary about this system? Medela pumps do that!”

The feature that kicks this system up several notches is that the pouches that you pump milk into can then be snapped directly into Kiinde’s Squeeze natural feeding bottle. The air is squeezed out of the pouch, the Active Latch nipple is popped on and you’re ready to go! The nipples on the Squeeze bottles are designed to teach natural breastfeeding behaviors that ease the transition between bottle and breast.

The collapsible pouch completely eliminates gas from your baby’s meal without several different parts and pieces. Not having to transfer the milk from one container to the next not only cuts down on pieces to wash but it also ensures that all those fats and nutrients that cling to the side of the bag/bottle are not wasted! You work hard to provide those nutrients for your baby.
Make sure he/she gets all that good stuff!

Should you need to store and freeze your breastmilk for later, simply cap the pouch and place on the organizer tray that is included in the purchase of the complete Twist system.
When you are ready to thaw the milk that you worked so hard for, be sure to use Kiinde’s Kozii milk warmer. Read what Kiinde has to say about this product:

“We understand that your life is too busy for you to stand around waiting for a meal to be ready. We also understand that you’re not willing to compromise your little one’s safety to save a few minutes. That’s why we created Kozii, which is:

As fast as steam, as safe as warm tap water and as easy as the microwave.


Kozii is designed specifically to follow CDC and USDA guidelines to safely thaw and warm breastmilk using warm, flowing water. It is safe for all bags and bottles and specifically designed to eliminate the risk of hot spots, nutrient damage, and dangerous chemicals that can be released from plastic bottles at high temperatures.”

We think these products are a must have for any nursing mom! In addition to this great milk storage system, we also carry Hooter Hider nursing covers, Lily Padz silicone nursing pads and more. Be sure to stop by the store and let us assist you with these fabulous products. See you soon!