Nursery designs that last

This blog post is written for you by our very own Amelia Hagler!

Part of the fun of nurseries used to be going all out on a theme: be it jungle, zoo, princess, Star Wars, anything.  Unfortunately, there is a problem with themes, you can quickly tire of them and oftentimes a nursery theme doesn’t have long-term staying power.  A new trend for nurseries is ignoring all the traditional infant themes and going completely mod. But why do you have to choose?

There are so many ways to create a modern nursery with traditional twists, or a traditional nursery with modern twists. There’s a way to get your themed nursery that will be able to transition with your child as they grow. With these simple tips you too can have an Instagramable nursery.


  1. One of the easiest ways to modernize a traditional nursery is the color palette. There are so many great colors to pick from besides the usual blue and pink. For little girls: pick a rose pink and pair it with pops of mint green and gold. For a more neutral palette choose grey with lavenders and silver. For a preppy look navy and white with coral accents is a great option. For baby boys: a dark, royal blue with whites and beiges gives you a clean cut, modern look. Give traditional blue a modern pop with lime greens and denim fabrics. Navy blue also looks great with mint green and grey. There are some fantastic options for surprise babies too. Espresso furniture looks great with yellows and greys. For a brighter color palette pair light woods with yellow and mint green. Yellows and greys aren’t your only options for gender-neutral nurseries; navy makes a great gender-neutral backdrop and any colors can be added to it. And don’t be afraid of color.  If you want to put bright orange in your nursery, do it. If you like monochromatics go for it!
  2. A great way to get a long life out of your nursery furniture is transitional pieces. Pick a crib that can transform into a toddler bed and then a day bed. Changing tables are single-function and have no place in your nursery. Instead get a dresser (which you need anyway!) and place the changing pad on top of the dresser-you get storage and it lasts longer than a changing table. Plus you can add fun pulls to a dresser-easy to change out as your nursery transforms to toddler and even older children. For your nursery chair pick a neutral fabric so it can eventually go anywhere in your house.
  3. It is so simple to add themes to your nursery while still keeping it transitional. Buying prints off sites such as Etsy is a great and relatively inexpensive way to add a theme to your nursery that doesn’t have to be permanent. This can also be achieved with bins, quilts, and pillows. Petit Pehr is a Swaddle favorite makes phenomenal bins that are sturdy, durable, and can last for years. They come in prints ranging from zoo prints to colorful pompom bins that work for all ages. That being said, don’t let a desire to have transitional nursery pieces stop you from buying the mobile with the lambs or the quilt with the baby chicks.


These tips are a great way to get a transitional, modern, yet traditional nursery.  However, when you’re creating a nursery there are no rules. All that matters is that you like what you pick.  Don’t get too bogged down with your color palette or theme (if you chose a theme) odds are it will come together in the end. The important thing is creating a nursery that you love.

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