Taking Care of Mom

Taking Care of Mom

We are proud to feature guest blogger Meghan Ratliff.  Meghan is a postpartam doula in Birmingham.  Find out more at www.mommalovebham.com, or call Meghan at 205.239.1632.  

Postpartum Challenges

I am so flattered to be a guest blogger for Swaddle. Not only do I recommend Swaddle to my clients but I have personally shopped here for years. I love that the staff is so knowledgeable on all of the products and it is apparent that much thought goes into the buying process for the store.

As a postpartum doula my job is to help a new mother heal from her labor and bond and care for her newborn. It is important that a momma be given the time and space to heal physically and mentally. My role is to listen to the mother’s needs and make sure they are being met. I assist with infant feeding and postpartum nutrition for momma. I perform household tasks like light cleaning, meal preparation and laundry to keep the home running while mother and baby bond. Whether it be baby-wearing, breastfeeding, or basic infant care I will help you figure out how to navigate your new role as a Momma. Through evidence-based information I help a mother and her partner learn all about their baby and how to trust their instincts and develop their own parenting style.

Among one of the more fun things I get to do is testing and recommending new products that make my client’s lives a little easier. Mothers tend not to take their personal recovery from childbirth as seriously as they should. I am a big proponent of belly binding for the postpartum period. The Belly Bandit is a great product to help support a new mothers abdominal muscles as they move back together. Baby wearing has become increasingly more popular over the last few years. The Ergo carrier is hands down my favorite carrier. I love that it can be used from infancy to toddlerhood and it’s completely machine washable! As a postpartum doula I encourage all of my clients to breastfeed. Once a mother’s milk supply is established and she and her baby are ready, many mothers enjoy the freedom that offering a bottle of pumped breastmilk can provide. Learning how and when to use a breast pump and best practices for storing and preparing breastmilk are among the services I offer. I love using the Kiinde Twist system due to the ease of use and the lack of having to ever transfer milk from bag to bottle! It is beyond convenient-for the occasional pumping momma to the mom who exclusively pumps. Supporting a new family during this exciting time is beyond rewarding for me. I love being able to recommend a store for my clients to shop in where I know they can get all the gear they need from a warm and knowledgable staff!