Three Little Warriors

Three Little Warriors

We are excited to feature guest blogger Karla Graves. Karla is an owner and designer at Three Little Warriors by Raka Mod. Find out more at

Hi, guys! My name is Karla and it is my pleasure to be part of the THREE LITTLE WARRIORS by RAKA MOD team. I, along with a wonderful group of artists and makers, including Natalie Gravois, Lacey Russell & Melissa Scott are thrilled to bring you a sweet little collection of organic baby pants, made and designed by artists themselves. Each print is a reflection of someone’s artwork. We take a painting, transform it into digital form, make a pattern out of it and then print it using graphic textile printing. We use water based inks and organic cottons to ensure only the softest and most gentle materials come in contact against baby’s skin.
We are based out of Birmingham, AL and design, produce and manufacture each pair of pants right here in the US.

THREE LITTLE WARRIORS is very special to us because the sole purpose behind our brand is to provide a place of work and freedom to survivors of human trafficking. You see, about 83% of survivors end up going back to the very thing they were rescued from. A lot of this is because they don’t believe they can do anything else.  Our goal is to partner with organizations that rescue women out of human trafficking and build employment centers that will teach survivors the skills needed to earn a living wage. We design and make the pants, and proceeds of each sale go towards building our first center where they can one day make these products themselves.

We want to be their next step, but more than that, we want to teach them and enable them to find their God-given gifts and passions and help them get plugged in that area. Whether it’s sewing, administrative work, sales, marketing, art… whichever area they feel passionate about, we want to teach them and give them the skills needed to pursue the gifts they were born with all while earning a living wage. We want to let them know they have a beautiful purpose on this earth, that they matter, that their talents matter and were given to them for a purpose.

It’s been quite the journey getting here. From a dream 3 years ago, to seeing God reveal the skills for us to do it, to taking a huge leap of faith and going for it, we are in awe of what God is doing and are ever so humbled to be a part of it all.

We are thrilled to partner up with Swaddle to bring you our fall/winter collection to their store and thank you for taking the time to read a bit about our journey & purpose behind our clothes.

Have a blessed day! and remember… no dream is ever too big for our beautiful God.

♥ Karla

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