THINKBABY – Starter Set /Gift Set (polypropylene – PP)


How is the thinkbaby bottle different?

Simply creating a baby bottle that was safe just wasnt enough.  This bottle solves many parental complaints.  For example, most bottles on the market contain venting systems, but thinkbaby’s system is built right into the nipple meaning there are no extra pieces to clean or potentially lose.

The nipple is No Spill through the  cross cut design eliminating a large amount of mess that occurs during feeding.  It also mimics the way children feed during breastfeeding, as it requires them to apply pressure and nurse to receive fluid.

The bottles are designed to be converted into thinkbaby’s award winning Sippy Cup when baby outgrows the need for a bottle.    With the conversion kit, parents can simply convert their existing baby bottles into a Sippy Cup which not only saves them money but it also saves the environment from excess waste.  Once parents are ready to move on to regular cups, the baby bottles can simply be recycled after use, as they are made from No. 5 plastic.


Product Description

Product Attributes 

Free of – Bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, PVC, PET,  and biologically harmful chemicals.

The New thinkbaby Starter Set is the perfect gift or starert set for any parent. The set includes 2  polypropylene 5oz baby bottles. The bottles are outfitted with our Stage A nipples (designed for 0 to 6 months). The set contains 2 polypropylene 9oz baby bottles with Stage B nipples (designed for 6+ months). And finally, the set includes 2 extra nipples (1 Stage A and 1 Stage B). All of the nipples features our anti-colic design.

With the starter set, you get every speed of nipple you need. All nipples are labeled Level 2 (for Stage A) and Level 3 (for Stage B). This will provide you with the ability to see which flow rate works best for your little one, as all children feed at different rates. This also means that if you purchase this for a gift, you won’t have to concern yourself with making sure that you’ve purchased the appropriate product.

The No Spill nipple features a cross cut design.  The design also mimics natural breastfeeding as it requires your little one to nurse to receive fluid.

Anti-colic nipple helps reduce incidence of gas and spit up.  Unique one-piece design eliminates cleaning headaches and tricky assembly. No extra parts to lose.

Extra soft, medical grade silicone –  provides easier transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.


The transformational line – The thinkbaby system allows parents to transform baby bottles to an award winning Sippy Cup through purchase of the Conversion Kit.  The system saves parents money and the environment from discarding baby bottles when its time for the next stage in feeding.

Comes with Travel Top reduces chance of spillage during travel and protects the nipple from coming into contact with foreign substances.

Dishwasher safe (Top rack recommended).

Eco-friendly Baby bottles are made from materials that can be recycled after use.  Does not leach chemicals to adversely affect the environment.

Best of all though is that this set is priced better than most two packs of bottles!!! Plus you get a total of 6 nipples!!!

Recommended by  – Healthy Child Healthy World, Safbaby, ZRecommends and  MetroMoms