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  • pujflyte

    Puj Flyte

    The Puj Flyte makes bath time easy at home or on the go. Its compact shape allows it to fit in a suitcase, making it the perfect travel companion.

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  • orb

    Orb Bottle Warmer

    Boon has you covered with ORB, which doubles as eye candy. ORB may be the hottest piece of functioning art you have with the ingenuity of auto-off steam heating that evenly warms bottles of nearly any size and a basket for baby food jars. We like to think being a parent doesn’t mean you can’t be cool, even when your baby’s food needs to be warm. (You’re welcome.)

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  • lawnwinter


    Lots of Grass = Lawn. Basically, everything you love about Grass but bigger. The flexible grass blades hold all your just-washed baby accessories. (And whatever else you want.) Plus it’s like having a fairway next to your kitchen sink. Minus any gophers. Or golfers. Bonus: No mowing required.

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  • 3sproutsbathstoragewalrus

    bath storage from 3 sprouts

    3 Sprouts bath storage is the perfect spot for all your little one’s bath stuff. Made of the same mildew resistant material used for wetsuits, our bath storage keeps toys dry and your tub organized. The stretchy wide mouth makes grabbing those ‘gotta find it now’ toys a snap! Best of all, we’ve included an easy to adhere, slip-proof suction cup which holds on tight to any tile or glass surface.

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  • zenswaddle

    Zen Swaddle

    The Zen Swaddle™ is the only infant swaddle blanket to mimic your touch. Touch or simulated touch is medically proven to soothe babies as it triggers a self soothing response and improves the ability of infants to regulate stress.

    The Zen Swaddle™ combines the benefits of swaddling and the power of touch to provide a time-tested and truly safe, secure environment for your baby. Its lightly weighted parts apply gentle pressure on your baby’s sides and center to provide the comfort and security of being held.

    Therefore, the Zen Swaddle™ creates a calm environment that both nurtures babies’ development and provides a solution for common infant sleep problems.

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  • pronto

    Pronto Changing Station

    The Pronto is our portable diapering essentials kit that ensures that baby is always clean, dry and happy, and that mom and dad are always prepared. Drop it in any bag, strap it to your wrist or clip it to your stroller and you’re good to go!

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