We Toe the Line

We toe the line… 


All in at work. All in at home. To offer less is simply not enough. And while that truth is extraordinary, it’s often (if not always) impossible to accomplish. Inevitably, we are only human. We have one brain to think, two hands to hold and work and make, two legs to stand and walk and bend and bounce, and one freaking heart— usually overwhelmingly full… of love, passion, grace, empathy… also stress, fear, grief, worry. 


We toe the line… because it often feels like we need to choose. Conform to the mountain of motherhood, or bow to the boss at work. All in. Everywhere. All the time. 


We toe the line… because as women in business; mothers in business, we choose to the be all in at both… even if that means only giving some to all because that’s the best we can do. 


And ya know what? Some is enough. It’s enough for your industry, boss, clients, employees. It’s enough for the little people you love and lead. The ones that watch you work your tail off in and out of the home, and will one day see why you did it. It’s enough. If some is the best, then some is enough. 


…I could stand to practice what I preach— here’s to believing the above, doing our best, and throwing the damn line in the garbage. Standards-shmandards.