Our Story

Swaddle is a boutique baby supply store with a thoughtfully curated collection of elevated baby and children's clothing, decor, gear and furniture.

Swaddle was founded in 2009, built on the mission of bringing the highest quality products to parents through extensive research and testing. A premiere destination for gift registries covering everything a parent may need to clothe, nourish, nurture, and enrich their baby's bright beginning in life.

After joining the team in 2017, MacKenzie Whitt purchased Swaddle in 2020 with a new vision for the brand and shop. Maintaining the core values and foundation that our clients had grown to know and love was of upmost importance when re-branding to offer a more modern and elevated selection of baby and children's goods. 

MacKenzie lives in Birmingham with her husband and three little boys, rocking the chaotic balance between work life and home life! You can catch her in the shop on almost any given day working with clients, or more likely "oo-ing and aw-ing" over someone's baby... it is a baby shop after all!

Be sure to visit us in store and check out our sister store, Swaddle Kids, offering sizes 6 years to 12 years.