How To Shop a Registry

Do you have a sweet friend becoming a parent soon? Shop from their Swaddle Registry to give them exactly what they like! 

Shopping from a registry is super easy- just search for your friend's name, then click on their registry to view what they would like!

You will notice what items have already been purchased and what they are still in need of. Click on the items directly from their registry to view the product page and make sure you are purchasing what you would like for them!

BUT- be sure to go back to the registry page itself, and use the "Add To Cart" column to update your cart in order to purchase those items directly off their registry list. Just input the number you would like to purchase:

Then just hit "Check Out" at the bottom of the page:
Then you are all ready to check out!
Their shipping information will automatically be provided if you choose to ship the gift directly to them, or you can choose "Pick Up In Store" for either you or the registrant to pick up the gift at Swaddle. Please indicate in the "Notes" section if you would like us to contact the registrant for them to pick up their gift. This is very typical for us and for our registrants!
Please do not hesitate to give us a call at (205) 870-3503 if you have any questions about registries or shopping from one of our registries!