Ultimate Spotlight: Polar Animals

Ultimate Spotlight: Polar Animals

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Interactive and engaging, Ultimate Spotlight: Polar Animals gives children a closer look at the amazing animals that live in the coldest regions on earth! Discover animals in the Arctic and Antarctica: Turn a page to reveal a big pop-up of polar bears on an ice sheet, rotate a wheel to see penguins dive into cold waters, and open the big flaps to see how the animals change during the summer months. - Flaps! Pull-tabs! Pop-ups! Lots of interactive and moveable parts to keep kids engaged - Detailed illustrations that beg to be pored over again and again - A captivating adventure that shows young children how different animals of the Arctic and Antarctica survive the extreme weather conditions Fans of Ultimate Spotlight(TM) Polar Animals will also enjoy the interactive learning of other books in the Ultimate Spotlight(TM) series, including Rain Forest Animals, Savanna Animals, Dinosaurs, Firefighters, Trains, and Astronauts.- Great family and classroom read-aloud book- Books for 5 and up
- Books for kindergarten and early elementary school students Chock-full of age-appropriate information, this book is an exciting introduction to animal life in the polar regions.


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